underswap sans x reader wattpad

underswap sans x reader wattpad

Welcome to the land of Underswap! Story and cover by Sanssocool. Undertale belongs to Toby Foxx. This is a cute Reader x Underswap Sans story that I made last night when I couldn't sleep++++. cute. love. readerxunderswap. underswap. underswapsans. You're trying to convince Underswap! Sans to be your friend, so you do the most reasonable thing you can think of. What might that be? Flirting, of course! My Senpai is not so innocent I this story tbh. I made him so dominant that he is not a blueberry anymore ;-; I've been thinking about a story like this for a while. This is a lemon free book (sorry sinners), but it will have a lot of fluff 0///0 Art cover by yours truly (me), . Starstruck Underswap!Sans x Reader. 3.7K Reads 144 Votes 1 Part Story. TobiasDelilah13 By TobiasDelilah13 Ongoing - Updated Feb 04, 2016. Embed Story . Once you have travelled a mountain that you wanted to go which was Mt. Ebott. Things changed after you fell down that hole and met the cutest skeleton. Read Underswap Sans X Reader from the story UNDERTALE X READER by LovelyBones97 with 1181 reads. grillby, asreil, sans. This was a request made by . Read Underswap!Sans x Reader from the story AU!Sans X Reader by AmyGaster with 481 reads. romance, undertale, happyendingut. This fluffy story it's for . Underswap!Sans x Shy!Reader And some Papyrus x reader -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- He was so sweet, so innocent. All he loved doing was cookin.

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