underswap sans x reader lemon

underswap sans x reader lemon

Ok, Ok, this is my first fanfic ever so please don't hate it if its crappy. I have been reading a whole lot of blueberry fics but none seemed complete in my book so that's what I'm going to attempt to do. . Blueberry pie (Under!swap sans X reader) ((W. Read Underswap sans x reader (late night surprise) from the story Sans x reader lemon by kashi-lee123 (Lee Productions) with 14147 reads. lastupdate. (underswap sans x innocent reader) from the story Undertale Lemons or Smut by gamerharuhi (Haruhi Suzumiya) with 7014 reads. papyrus, undert. Hello! I have had someone request me do a blueberry sans lemon so here it is! Enjoy! Read Underswap!Sans x Reader (Lemon) from the story Underswap!Sans X Reader (Lemon) by BlueLinksHat (Some Dipshit) with 13122 reads. underswap, . When you fell into the underground, you meet a man named Asgore. After you leave him behind, you meet two skeletons, Sans and Papyrus. They let you stay in . My Senpai is not so innocent I this story tbh. I made him so dominant that he is not a blueberry anymore ;-; Read UnderSwap Sans X Female Reader LEMON-How To Make A Human Weak from the story (Any AU) UnderTale X Reader Oneshots! (REQUESTS . 23 Apr 2016 - A/N: Mk here it is! the lemon many wanted me to do ;w; This kinda has the following: MY PERSONAL HC. 'What is that?' You may ask yourself, . 25 Dec 2016 - Half way through (I came back at a later date and finished it) I realized that Papyrus was a little out of character, but here you go. I wanted to add .

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